Our team at RKCPA maximizes the wealth of our clients. We provide a focused resolution to their financial issues. Our team constantly delivers customized services to each of our clients.

Ranjeet Koirala (Ron), CPA, ACA, ACMA

Ranjeet Koirala CPA (Ron) has over a decade of experience executing Title IV compliance and financial statement audits for proprietary and non-profit educational institutions. Ron also has experience with audits of Non-Profit and preparation of Uniform Financial Reporting (UFR). Ron has been involved extensively in conducting financial statements audits required by accreditation agencies such as NACCAS, COE, ACCSC, and others. Ron assists educational institutions with 90/10 Calculation, Composite Score, HCM 1 & 2 compliance. 


-American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
-The Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants (TXCPA)

Contact RON at:
Email: / PH: (972) 203 7837 / Cell: (978) 201 6004

Banu Ghimire, BBS, MSA

Banu has experience in accounting, audit, and preparation of individual and business tax returns. She is always eager to help clients with audit setup and preparation of tax returns. Banu provides services based on a thorough understanding of client needs. Her simplicity in approaching clients makes them comfortable to work with her. Her in-depth experience working in tax and accounting enables her to understand the core of a clients’ business. She provides a practical approach for complex solutions.


Contact BANU at:
Email: / PH: (972) 203 7837


Mike Bhattarai, MBA

Mike has over a decade of experience in performing financial statements audits of not-for-profit and for-profit organizations. Clients enjoy working with Mike as he puts the client’s priority over all functions. Mike is passionate about providing prompt and extensive customer service. Clients consider Mike as a trusted service provider for their audit, tax, and accounting needs. He is an excellent team player, deadline-oriented and flexible.

Contact MIKE at:
Email: / PH: (972) 203 7837 


Anima Thapa (ANI), MBS

Ani has a significant amount of experience auditing financial statements. 

Ani is a firm believer in collaborating closely with clients to advance their objectives. 

She works well in teams and is flexible and deadline-driven. 


Contact ANI at:
Email: / PH: (972) 203 7837 


Saroj Dhakal (SAM), BBA

Sam has multiple years of  experience working with clients. He is constantly happy to assist clients with tax return preparation and audit setup. Sam bases the services he offers on an in-depth knowledge of the demands of his clients. He is able to comprehend the essence of a clients’ business. Thanks to his extensive expertise serving clients meet their accounting and tax service needs. 


Contact SAM at:
Email: / PH: (972) 203 7837



Sarthak Rimal MBA, BBS

Sarthak is a highly  motivated and results driven professional with a dual qualification in MBA and BBS. With a solid foundation in Business strategy and management , he brings a wealth of knowledge in optimizing organizational efficiency and driving sustainable growth.

Contact SARTHAK at:
Email: / PH: (972) 670 5405

Shishir Khanal BSME (candidate)

Shishir Khanal is  a rising senior at Manhattan College pursuing his BSME. Shishir Khanal has made significant contributions to the fields of technology and business. He is commited to making a positive impact on client service.

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